Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alia Bhatt at the Life Ok Now Awards

Alia Bhatt has been doing AMAZING with all her movies. She is the talk of the town due to her talent, beauty, and cute personality. She really is a great actress, and from what I am hearing is also an extremely hard worker( Kudos for her!). I usually like her quirky and cute dressing style especially during the film Two States. All her costumes were to the point! But today I am extremely disappointed, to say the least, in her outfit choice from yesterdays Life Ok Now Awards. 
Like who or what thought this ensemble was ok? Seriously sneaker wedges on the red carpet???? When did red carpets get THIS casual? Lets just breakdown this entire look. Lets start with the Pros. Her hair looks beautiful with such simplistic natural waves.  The Makeup artist did a great job at adding just enough makeup to enhance her cute innocent beauty. She also seems really happy, so I'm guessing thats a pro? Now lets get to the negative...

The dress needs to go. No question about that. There were to many prints and colors it literally is still hurting my eyes looking at it. PLUS there are brooches on the dress? Really...as if this wasn't obnoxious enough. She also had paint stripes on her leg? I don't really understand the meaning of that so I'd better skip commenting on it. And the worst of it all is the BLUE and YELLOW Sneaker WEDGES???!?!?! Why why why why why. I don't think Alia can ever dress worse then this. It hurts me to say, as I love her, but this is a MAJOR Fashion faux pas on so many levels. I literally don't have the words to go through how many WRONG decisions were made in this outfit. Fellow readers please learn a lesson from Alia NEVER wear sneaker wedges on a red carpet and or buy sneaker wedges in this color combination, don't use pant unless your at a rave or a club, and NEVER EVER buy a dress with so many geometric colorways. I promise you it won't suit anyone. 


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  1. This Costume shows that ALIA is still school girl...