Friday, May 9, 2014

Top 3 Worst Dress of the Week

Happy Friday Night!!!

While I sit in my cozy bed looking through this past weeks fashion faux pas, I was actually surprised that I wasn't able to find as many terrible dressed celebs as I thought I would be able to find. I am feeling proud of the Bollywood family as they are pulling together their fashion choices....Well thats at least for just this week. Next week everything might change. I still was able to find 3 worst dressed and here they are....

Kajol wearing Payal Pratap Top and skirt for a Mothers Day Event. I actually like this outfit but just not on her. She looks extremely uncomfortable and is not wearing the outfit. The #1 rule in fashion is you MUST be confident in whatever you wear and Kajol does not seem to have her swagg on in this outfit. She looks akward....who even knows why! Also, I love the color yellow but I HATE the combo with grey its just not a good color combo. Just not a good outfit choice my darling Kajol.
Photo Credit: Pinkvilla

Prachi Desai seen wearing Anita Dongre anarkali. I hate this. The color is just hideous. Its like if you want to look like a bumble bee only do that during halloween. Its just to BRIGHT. I hate it, nothing about this creation is easy on the eyes. Plus I hate her makeup...wayyy tooo much blush and the orange lipstick, as if she isn't wearing enough yellow and orange already. MAJOR FAIL

Mandira Bedi wearing Veda Raheja. HATE HATE HATE THIS. Seriously CUT OUT and SHEER IS NOT FOR EVERYONEE! Just because its a trend does not mean you have to wear it. This does NOT work on her body. I hate the color combination and the cut out actually makes her stomach look wider even though she is a stick. This is nooo creation at all. In my opinion this is a dramatic fail. Mandira even came out with her own Sari line, so why was she wearing this? Not good for her at all. 

These ladies just were not ontop of their fashion game this week, lets see how they dress next week...Hopefully they are on my top 3 best dressed. 



  1. Oh my word lol - yes you did seem to find the bad seeds of the bunch didn't you. This blog and your commentary is hilarious and so relatable. Thank you for keeping it real.

    Meag xx

  2. Thank you Meagan, for all the support XOXO