Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sonam Kapoor Working it at Cannes!

Man oohh Man! I never have words for this fashion Star. Sonam was well dressed for all the Cannes event she attending, but this one outfit made my day. Actually it made my YEAR. She was just magnificent....

Caught in action, Sonam Kapoor finishing up last touches to her outfit. She wore this for the red carpet at Cannes premiere of "Foxcatcher". Uhmm her choker is surreal! It is unbelievable. I am in awe staring at it. The design and workmanship is perfect. In this picture you can also see the details of the blouse and the border on the sari. I love this color and the floral embroidery is so rich and textured. Her make up artist did the right amount of make up without too much because her outfit was dramatic enough. 

Here is the look head to toe. YOU GO GIRL!!! Finally letting you all in on the secret of who is wearing. This is a design by Anamika Khanna. The choker is by Sunita Kapoor, shoes by Jimmy Choo, and Ferragamo clutch. OMG this is perfection and heaven in my fashion world. She literally rocks my world...I mean does she look like a goddess? 

Her hair sleeked back and straight was the perfect touch. It pulled this look together. Instead of the attention going towards her makeup and hair all the attention went to the sari and choker which was totally necessary. When I saw this, I literally had a major smile on my face and started to show the pictures to everyone I knew. This was the most elegant and classy sari that I have seen Sonam In. I know I post really often about her, but I can't help it girl is always on point! 
PS- Special Thanks to Sonams Stylist, Rhea Kapoor( her sister) for always keeping her well styled and put together.  


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