Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Priyanka Chopra Unveiling her Grudge Chic Look!

Priyanka Chopra, back in Mumbai, is  unveiling her third solo "I Can't Make you Love Me". Priyanka was wearing a grudge sexy outfit. Her skirt is by Alexander Wang and top by Urban Glam. 
Listen, I love her outfit. She has tagged onto every trendy item in this ensemble. She is wearing a printed crop top- TRENDY! Preforated Skirt-TRENDY! and some gorge strappy heels-TRENDY!! Obviously she has a rock solid body and this outfit only accentuates that in a great way. 

The only thing I don't like about the outfit is that if you see this picture the skirt is see through. It seems as though she is wearing white panties under a black skirt?!?!? I don't think that works at ALL. Also, why is she wearing a shirt that says "Only Child" ?!?! I mean graphics are cool and everything, but she isn't any only child. That is the WRONG statement tee she should be wearing. Regardless, I give her the credit for staying on trend and looking damn sexy doing so. 

What do you guys think?!?!!
Photo Credit: The Indian Express



  1. I really love this look. It is hot but I agree that she should have done the "when you take a pic with flash on, is my skirt see through" test LOL.

    1. I totally agree!! Her stylist must have not learnt that lesson ;)