Thursday, May 15, 2014

Malllika's terrible fashion decisions for Cannes 2014

So sorry my fellow readers, I haven't posted in a few days. Life has just been crazy. I am actually writing this post from my iPad at my hotel bar in Wisconsin. Unfortunately I got stuck here and will not get back to my natural habitat, NYC, till tomorrow(cross my fingers). Sometimes when I am a stuck traveler it turns into something good and that something good is that I get time to write a blog post!! Today I will be criticizing the terrible terrible decisions of Mallika Sherewat. With one martini down and on to my second one I promise I won't hold back any of my comments....

WHY WHY WHY WHY?!?!? Did she think she was going to a jersey shore party where you should dress up as if your about to go clubbing??? I mean if you just cut the length you could probably find the identical dress in forever 21. THIS IS CANNES RED CARPET you should be out doing yourself with fashion decisions not under doing it. I know this is a Pucci gown and usually his creations are genius, but I just hate this.

Nothing about this is flattering at all. It does not make her look beautiful and I hate the color. This color reminds me of the blue that newborn baby boys wear , not a grown women at CANNES. It looks ill fitting and I mean do I need to be meaner? This is not the appropriate dress for this occasion AT ALL

Plus I think whoever her makeup artist is she needs to fire them. What color lipstick is that? It does not look good .Her hair reminds me of the "prom" hairstyle everyone did in high school. Not a hairstyle that is trending at all 

This is just not ok!!! I don't think I need to say anymore, ,my review is major fail girl! 

Wish me luck getting back home..

With all my love from Wisconsin. 

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