Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to my #1

Today is a day of appreciate. For all the beautiful women that we call our mothers. Mothers raise us, teach us, yell at us, and do everything in between. They are our  number one cheerleaders and always back us. The love they give is unconditional and so pure it can't even be explained with words. All the mothers of the world deserve the utmost love on today and EVERYDAY, but I wanted to take today to give a special shout out to my best friend, my mom. 

Words can't explain how much support my mother has given me. With each step, fall, and wrong turn I have taken in my path my mom has been my partner in crime. Regardless to the fights and ups and downs she has always given me the backing I've needed. 
There were times where we wouldn't talk for days and there were times where we would laugh until we were crying. From dancing for  "snow days" to shopping together I have done mostly everything with her. Intellectual and deep conversations are part of our normal day and we continue to give each other the advice needed. My bold personality and humor has always been accepted by her. 

Not only has she supported me she is the reason why I am so involved and in love with fashion. Since I grew up clothing, shopping, fabrics, jewelry has been what my mom has taught me. She is the fashion guru in my eyes and has allowed me to grow into my own style. She has backed me with my fashion career and my blog and I thank you so much for that. She and my dad are the reason I push myself to the limit and hope that one day I can make them as happy everyday as they make me. 

Today, everyone please take the time to appreciate and thank your mothers, grandmothers, aunts for the wonderful selfless acts they do everyday for you. 

I love you mommy. 


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