Monday, April 21, 2014

2 States( What an Aweessomme Movie)

Hello Readers, 

2nd Post of the night!! I am on a rolllll lol. This past Friday the marvelous movie 2 States came out. I was counting down the days to see it! I knew this movie would be as amazing and it was. From the trailers that I kept watching over and over again I was already hyped before I went to the theatre. I was not disappointed as the movie surpassed my expectations. 
Everything about the movie was about the script and character even their clothing. Alia Bhatt's character was a cool, trendy, and westernized South Indian girl. Arjun Kapoor's character was calm punjabi boy. The clothing was trendy yet in character. Alia in her character wearing cotton skirts and kurtis with shorts while Arjun wearing jeans and tees. For the more important occasions both dressed up in their traditional clothing. 
I just loved this movie and their costumes, just PERFECTTT!!!!! If you haven't seen it yet, GO TO THE MOVIES NOW!!! And my rating on the clothing, A PLUS. Thats it for the night guys, hopefully have something to post tomorrow. 

XOXO Love, 

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