Wednesday, April 30, 2014

IIFA 2014 Best Dressed Round Up!

I am sooo sorry for such a delay in a post....I have had such a crazy weekend and week. I didn't get internet service in Montreal for some odd reason. The beginning of the week I was crazy busy at work and then got stuck traveling for 18 hours to go for a meeting and I NEVER MADE IT!!! This intense bi-polar weather in the east coast is killing me. Anyways lets get to the good stuff. As I wasn't able to update on all the pics/events from IIFA I did a round up of all my fav outfits, which were NOT to many.....

My darling Deepika Padukone at one of the events was wearing this Gorge lace gown by Zuhair Muraid. What can I say about this??!?! Seriously perfection. The gown is so beautiful that she didn't have to wear any jewelry. She did not overdue on the makeup which made this such a simplistic and chic outfit. I loved that she did a dark plum lipstick instead of the typical red chanel color lip, it was a nice contrast. Her hair up completed the look. Seriously I love her. Is she an angel sent from above?!?!! 

I know its unfair but here is another one of Deepika at the green carpet. WHAT DO I SAY?!?!?!?! She is wearing a Saabyasachi creation and when I say CREATION I mean MASTERPIECE. This gown is just unbelievable. The embriodary, detail, fabric, and gold color is such making me speechless. Her lean body is just emphasized in this gown. I give this an applaude not only for her wearing it, but to Saabyasachi for this beautiful design. 

Priyanka Chopra Stunned in this light pink gown. Not as sexy as she usually wears, but pleasantely surprised. Her makeup and hair pulled together the outfit and I loved the sleeve cuffs.  The draping and the fit on this dress only takes my breathe away. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

SEXY HAS ARRIVED. Kareena Kapoor Khan dazzled in this black gown. Seriously is this amaazing or what? The neck drop is sooooo amazingly chic. This outfit is sexy yet not  vulgar. No Boobs bludging and it is actually sheer paneling in the middle. Her Makeup is my favorite part. It is sooo minimal and the natural lip color is just FAB! She just looked ROYAL( which she now is). Seriously I can't stop staring, can you?! (Credit for this picture: Pinkvilla) 

So sorry for the lateness on this post, I hope you all still loved it. Will make sure to post more often. 


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ranveer Singh Heading to IIFA 2014 Awards

Hello Lovers, 

Soooo You all know the Bollywood fraternity has headed down to Tampa for the IIFA awards this year. I am so sad that I am missing it, instead I am going to my favorite city Montreal to do some shopping and much needed relaxation after a crazy work week. I will still be following all the fashion do's and don'ts and updating you all the way. My past two posts were both positive reviews so I thought it was time to talk about my first fashion faux pas. The biggest lesson in life is ALWAYS ALWAYS TRAVEL IN STYLE. You never know who you can meet or see at the airport. It could be your next boss or your lifetime partner. Always always always dress in style even if it is casual it should NOT look as if you just rolled out of bed. 

Obviously Ranveer Singh did not ever learn this lesson in life. Traveling to IIFA he was seen wearing some HIDEOUS dhoti pants with a white v-neck tee and drappy hat with glasses. I mean seriously what was he thinking? And those sneakerss!!!!! The PURPLE dhoti pants are killer on the eyes, maybe if he wore some cool black jogger pants the outfit would've been much better. Listen, I love me some Ranveer Singh and usually I like his Fashion Risks, but darling this was just terrible. Never ever ever ever again. So my review on this is please don't wear this out of our house EVER.  

XOXO Love, 

Monday, April 21, 2014

2 States( What an Aweessomme Movie)

Hello Readers, 

2nd Post of the night!! I am on a rolllll lol. This past Friday the marvelous movie 2 States came out. I was counting down the days to see it! I knew this movie would be as amazing and it was. From the trailers that I kept watching over and over again I was already hyped before I went to the theatre. I was not disappointed as the movie surpassed my expectations. 
Everything about the movie was about the script and character even their clothing. Alia Bhatt's character was a cool, trendy, and westernized South Indian girl. Arjun Kapoor's character was calm punjabi boy. The clothing was trendy yet in character. Alia in her character wearing cotton skirts and kurtis with shorts while Arjun wearing jeans and tees. For the more important occasions both dressed up in their traditional clothing. 
I just loved this movie and their costumes, just PERFECTTT!!!!! If you haven't seen it yet, GO TO THE MOVIES NOW!!! And my rating on the clothing, A PLUS. Thats it for the night guys, hopefully have something to post tomorrow. 

XOXO Love, 

My First Post!

Hello Fellow Readers( probably non LOL), 

This is my first post! YAYYY!!!!! I am so excited to start this blog. This is such a big deal to me!!! So I'm a little nervous but someone once told me "Write when your drunk and edit when your sober" so thats what I am going to do. LOL. So here goes my first fashion review. Sonakshi Sinha is the lucky lady who will be judged first on my blog. The lovely doll is dressed in Zara Top to Bottom for some press for her new movie Holiday along side Akshay Kumar. I looooovee the fact that this is Zara. It is an accessible outfit for anyone to wear. She has been working her butt off in the gym getting her body into great shape so you goo girl wearing a crop top to show off your abs( Jealouuuss!!!). I think the natural makeup and light hair go really well with this outfit. It completes the look. I am SUCH a fan of this look and am looking forward to what else she wears during her press for this new movie. If any of you want to purchase this outfit( I am purchasing NOW) it is available here.

XOXO Love,