Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alia Bhatt at the Life Ok Now Awards

Alia Bhatt has been doing AMAZING with all her movies. She is the talk of the town due to her talent, beauty, and cute personality. She really is a great actress, and from what I am hearing is also an extremely hard worker( Kudos for her!). I usually like her quirky and cute dressing style especially during the film Two States. All her costumes were to the point! But today I am extremely disappointed, to say the least, in her outfit choice from yesterdays Life Ok Now Awards. 
Like who or what thought this ensemble was ok? Seriously sneaker wedges on the red carpet???? When did red carpets get THIS casual? Lets just breakdown this entire look. Lets start with the Pros. Her hair looks beautiful with such simplistic natural waves.  The Makeup artist did a great job at adding just enough makeup to enhance her cute innocent beauty. She also seems really happy, so I'm guessing thats a pro? Now lets get to the negative...

The dress needs to go. No question about that. There were to many prints and colors it literally is still hurting my eyes looking at it. PLUS there are brooches on the dress? Really...as if this wasn't obnoxious enough. She also had paint stripes on her leg? I don't really understand the meaning of that so I'd better skip commenting on it. And the worst of it all is the BLUE and YELLOW Sneaker WEDGES???!?!?! Why why why why why. I don't think Alia can ever dress worse then this. It hurts me to say, as I love her, but this is a MAJOR Fashion faux pas on so many levels. I literally don't have the words to go through how many WRONG decisions were made in this outfit. Fellow readers please learn a lesson from Alia NEVER wear sneaker wedges on a red carpet and or buy sneaker wedges in this color combination, don't use pant unless your at a rave or a club, and NEVER EVER buy a dress with so many geometric colorways. I promise you it won't suit anyone. 


Friday, June 13, 2014

Right off the Runway - Shraddha Kapoor

Happy Friday!!! 

While I sit here and sip on a cold glass of Rose I am excited to discuss the beauty that is in the hot seat tonight. TONIGHT I am focusing on Shraddha Kapoor, the actress who made it big after her blockbuster film Aashique 2. She is promoting her next film Ek Villian. Seen here Shraddha, wearing what I think is her BEST look EVER by Rahul Mishra last night. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I adore everything about this ensemble. The fact that her hair is sleek and pulled back totally makes the look complete. I think the peplum polka dot shape of the high waisted skirt is extremely trend driven and adds great shape to Shraddha's petite frame. I think her stylist made the right decision by tucking in the blouse instead of have it as a peplum top shown on the runway. By changing the fit of the top I think it accentuated her body the right way. The embriodary on the sleeves is just MAGNIFICENT. I mean EMBRIODARY = HAPPINESS. White is the most happening colors for this season. I love the fact that the designer combined the white base color with a little bit of yellow to add pop texture to the outfit. The only part of the outfit I would change is her shoes. I wish she was wearing patent leather beige stilletos or the heels that the model wore on the runway. I think her heels were too casual for this intricant outfit. 

Final verdict she looks GORGE! I think this was the perfect combination between elegance and sexiness. She is getting better with her looks for each event she attends. SHE IS ON FIREEEE! What do you all think? Agree or Disagree? 

Photo CC: pinkvilla.com 

Love to all!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Its been waaaayyy too long!

Hi My Darlings, 

I am sooo sorry for disappearing for the past two weeks!Life has just been crazy. Traveling, working, and catching up on normal life errands, I just wasn't able to get back into the swing of things. I traveled to London for work and got back and just got into the overwhelming New York City lifestyle. Working, working, and working. NOT saying that I don't love my job, I LOVE IT. It just comes with an immense amount of responsibility. With that being said, I am so glad to be getting back into my normal life and stalking all of my fav Bollywood celebrities. 

Tonight on the blog, the sexy doll Priyanka Chopra was seen at the launch of Dilip Kumar's autobiography. She was not the only star to attend the event. The elite of the Bollywood fraternity were there including Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Johar, Madhuri Dixit, Aamir Khan, and the list keeps going on. 

The beauty was seen wearing a Sabyasachi Sari. Sabyasachi is just a pure mastermind. Every single piece from his collection is an artwork. You can completely see the Old Era Heritage as his inspiration. Everything from the embroidery, colors, and fabrics only look as if they came out of one of the old storybooks. His collections always remind me of Jodha Akbhar and the Rajasthani details. 
The color combination gives such a rich and royal look. Cream, black, and gold are one of my favorite color combos and always always always looks good. Not only was the sari beautiful but her makeup, bindi, earrings, and hair completed the look. I mean her stylist, hair dresser, and makeup artist were all on the same page. 

The red lipstick and bindi gave a classy and ethnic touch to the outfit. Her hair up bun with a side braid did not age her a bit, but added such a chic clean look to allow all of us to see her Gorge face!

I think this look can be accomplished by anyone that is going to an Indian occasion including poojas, weddings, and parties. I had done a similar look at a wedding two years ago...check out the outfit below!!

I would love for all of you to share your outfit pics and your thoughts on Priyanka Chopras Ensemble! Is it a YES or NO?!?!? In my books it is a totally YESS!

Photo CC: www.pinkvilla.com


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Roopa Vohra's Showcase Event - Jewels & More!

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to make my way to the Time Hotel located in the heart of NYC, for Roopa Vohra's limited time showcase brought to the US. Not only was I able to see her one of a kind masterpieces, but I was also able to meet her! Just to fill you guys in on the designer and her brand. Roopa Vohra's design house is one of the leading jewelry brands in India. She Began her career just short of 20 years ago and has been a revivalist of old world designs brought to today's day and age. I had the chance of speaking to her during the event and saw the passion and love she had for her design house. Not only is each piece a masterpiece, but no piece is duplicated. Each item is a design of itself and has derived from this one piece of art called the "Thewa", her muse. It's a 400 year old art piece of fusing 23 k gold with colored glass. This piece was what started her on this journey and she has adapted it in all her collections. 

Roopa was one the most modest, elegant, and down to earth women I have ever met and hope to meet her again! The event was chic and cozy with wine and champagne flowing. Plus the location didn't hurt a bit! It was in the penthouse glass room in the Time Hotel which was filled with sunlight, the perfect setting!  Roopa's Jewelry was of course the focal point of the day with people coming in and out to experience her vision.

*Check out this bracelet/cuff that I got to try on, OMG Amazinngg*

I obviously did not leave empty handed. My mother is a huge jewelry collector and even though she was not able to come to the event with me, she was there in spirit so I thought of her with these exquisite earrings. 

PS- My mom totally agreed and loved them!

The best part about all her jewelry is it's NOT just for Indian clothes, which is great and versatile! You could wear her earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets on Indian or Western clothing. While I was talking with Roopa, she was telling me that throughout the years her clientele has evolved and more non-indians admire her jewelry and I could see why. The best best best best part was that each piece was handcrafted into a unique piece of art, which you could see. I could not be happier that I was able to meet Roopa and see her gorgeous and divine designs. She actually will be in Boston this coming weekend showing her collections so if your in the area go check it out! Plus you can look up more collections at http://www.roopavohra.com/

I really hope ya'll love her items as much as I did. 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sonam Kapoor Working it at Cannes!

Man oohh Man! I never have words for this fashion Star. Sonam was well dressed for all the Cannes event she attending, but this one outfit made my day. Actually it made my YEAR. She was just magnificent....

Caught in action, Sonam Kapoor finishing up last touches to her outfit. She wore this for the red carpet at Cannes premiere of "Foxcatcher". Uhmm her choker is surreal! It is unbelievable. I am in awe staring at it. The design and workmanship is perfect. In this picture you can also see the details of the blouse and the border on the sari. I love this color and the floral embroidery is so rich and textured. Her make up artist did the right amount of make up without too much because her outfit was dramatic enough. 

Here is the look head to toe. YOU GO GIRL!!! Finally letting you all in on the secret of who is wearing. This is a design by Anamika Khanna. The choker is by Sunita Kapoor, shoes by Jimmy Choo, and Ferragamo clutch. OMG this is perfection and heaven in my fashion world. She literally rocks my world...I mean does she look like a goddess? 

Her hair sleeked back and straight was the perfect touch. It pulled this look together. Instead of the attention going towards her makeup and hair all the attention went to the sari and choker which was totally necessary. When I saw this, I literally had a major smile on my face and started to show the pictures to everyone I knew. This was the most elegant and classy sari that I have seen Sonam In. I know I post really often about her, but I can't help it girl is always on point! 
PS- Special Thanks to Sonams Stylist, Rhea Kapoor( her sister) for always keeping her well styled and put together.  


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Malllika's terrible fashion decisions for Cannes 2014

So sorry my fellow readers, I haven't posted in a few days. Life has just been crazy. I am actually writing this post from my iPad at my hotel bar in Wisconsin. Unfortunately I got stuck here and will not get back to my natural habitat, NYC, till tomorrow(cross my fingers). Sometimes when I am a stuck traveler it turns into something good and that something good is that I get time to write a blog post!! Today I will be criticizing the terrible terrible decisions of Mallika Sherewat. With one martini down and on to my second one I promise I won't hold back any of my comments....

WHY WHY WHY WHY?!?!? Did she think she was going to a jersey shore party where you should dress up as if your about to go clubbing??? I mean if you just cut the length you could probably find the identical dress in forever 21. THIS IS CANNES RED CARPET you should be out doing yourself with fashion decisions not under doing it. I know this is a Pucci gown and usually his creations are genius, but I just hate this.

Nothing about this is flattering at all. It does not make her look beautiful and I hate the color. This color reminds me of the blue that newborn baby boys wear , not a grown women at CANNES. It looks ill fitting and I mean do I need to be meaner? This is not the appropriate dress for this occasion AT ALL

Plus I think whoever her makeup artist is she needs to fire them. What color lipstick is that? It does not look good .Her hair reminds me of the "prom" hairstyle everyone did in high school. Not a hairstyle that is trending at all 

This is just not ok!!! I don't think I need to say anymore, ,my review is major fail girl! 

Wish me luck getting back home..

With all my love from Wisconsin. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Flashback to Cannes Memories 2013

Cannes Festival is closely approaching day by day and is starting May 14th. As we all anxiously await to see what everyone will be wearing lets take a road down memory lane and see what I thought were my best dressed from Cannes 2013....

Sonam Kapoor looking STUNNING. My god, I don't even have words for this masterpiece. Her makeup is flawless. I love the extended eyeliner and how dramatic it looks. The creation she was wearing was made by Anamika Khanna. It is literally the most fab outfit I have ever seen. The cream and gold color is sooo rich she looks like royalty. Love the fact that she wasn't wearing earrings and just a nose ring. Perfection, perfection, perfection! I don't think there are any other words to describe this. 

And its Sonam Kapoor again. This fashionista did it again at another event during the festival. Wearing Shehla Khan and jewels by Chopard this stunning evening ghagra is magnificent. Its perfection, I mean I seriously don't have any other words for it ....do you? I actually wish I could steal this from her, keep it in my closet and just stare at it for days.

Vidya Balan during in Sabyasachi Gagra Choli. Vidya is known for her  conservative style, but it is still such a beautiful creation. The color, fabric, and embroidery are breath taking. Even though the choli seems extremely simplistic it still looks fantastic on her and goes perfectly with her personality. Not to mention she doesn't even look like she is wearing makeup and still GLOWING. She is such a classic beauty. My mom always tells me, she reminds her of old school bollywood beauty which I totally agree with. 

Last but not least, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in this GORGE outfit. Credit goes to : YSL White Collar shirt, Zac Posen mermaid Skirt, and Armani Belt. Whoever was styling her did a fantastic job. This was not only one of my favorite Cannes outfit that Aish has worn, but also one of my all time favorite outfits she has ever worn. I think this is such a classic outfit and you can never go wrong with black and white. Also, the fit of this makes her look AMAZING. 

Woohoo only a few more days to see what everyone will be wearing down the red carpet, get readyyy ladies and gents!